Your personal fitness activity tracker.

Portronics new generation Smart Wristband – YOGG. Your personal fitness activity tracker that offers a wide range of features to keep you on track with your fitness regime with ease. Portronics YOGG smart wristband is a 24*7 wearable device that comes in stylish black colour. A wide OLED display screen of 0.9inches that will show off your daily stats, a watch as well as caller ID for your Smartphone. It i s paired with an easy mobile app which is good even for beginners.

The Yogg smart wristband can be paired with iOS and Android via an app called Yogg app. Yogg app is easily available on both iOS and Android app store. The person can easily configure the app with watch without any hassle. The Portonics YOGG smart wristband is a 24*7 wearable device. Due to its water resistance capabilities. But never plunge it in any liquid as it not a waterproof and liquid can cause damage.  To give variety, it comes in Black and red color. It will not only keep track of your daily activity and exercise levels but also act as a beeper for calls and social networking messages.

For security, personal fitness activity tracker – Portronics YOGG smart wristband has a built-in anti-theft/lost feature that starts makes device beep if the user moves more than 10 meters away from the configured smartphone. Portronics says that the device has a battery life of almost five days. We are able to get almost 4 days of backup from this device.  By monitoring the depth of sleep YOGG also lets us effectively manage our rest time. It enables you to wireless sync the data with your Smartphone – Android, and iOS.

The USB charger comes bundled with the device has a clip that has some charging pins. Just fasten the clip with a watch to charge it. You can charge it by any mobile USB adapter or laptop USB port.

Smart Wristband

YOGG is a capable band at an astonishing price that will keep track of your daily activity and exercise levels, monitor sleep patterns, give instant motivational feedback and provide alerts to help you make a sustainable shift toward a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle. YOGG get you closer to your targets of getting into shape, losing weight, and moving more by making you mindful of your habits and patterns; which is the first step of change.

Features & Benefits

Activity Tracking – A daily activity tracker that records daily activities, exercise levels, monitors sleep patterns with instant feedback.

Comfortable – Comfortable to wear, made with soft elastic material that can be worn on the wrist for days.

Sleep Monitor – Monitor how long and how well you sleep and wake with a silent alarm.

Progress Display – Track your Daily progress.

Wireless Sync – Ability to sync with other devices of our daily life.

OLED Display – OLED display with clear 0.91 inches.

Water-resistant – It’s water-resistant and you can keep it on you whatever you do.

Long Battery Life – Strong battery backup that lasts up to 5 days with no need to stop and recharge.

Notification Support – Social network, calls and text notifications all in one place.

Technical Specification

  • Model :Yogg Smart Wrist Band
  • Weight :25 g
  • Color :Black & red
  • Bluetooth Version :4.0
  • Product Size :50 X 20 X 10 mm
  • Battery Type :Li-ion 60mAh


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